Save time, instant score

Save time, instant score

Create exams & tests with instant score

Create exams & tests with instant score, easily and safely

  • put at your disposal everything you need to create your own online exams. You can easily create and launch any exam that you can imagine.
  • Evaluate the knowledge, skills and aptitudes of your students, employees, clients, suppliers or collaborators.
  • Online exams, tests and quizzes quickly, easily and economically. Exams results are graded instantly
  • An excellent option for those evaluated to respond to the test at a given time, in the specified time, from their own device and with the possibility of obtaining the result at the end of the exam.
  • Automate and speed up the evaluation process, save time and get instant test results.
Easily create surveys and get the responses that you need.

General features.

General features.

  • Accessible from any device, only need an internet connection.
  • Unlimited number of questions.
  • Multiple choice questions with a single or multiple correct answers.
  • Questionnaires in any language or multi-language.
  • Access to the test: You can do it through our delivery manager (through emails) or by sharing the link through other channels (web, sms, whatsapp, Qr code,...)
  • Delivery manager where you can see who has made the test and who has not, with the possibility of sending reminders.
  • Time limit and/or date and time of availability.
  • Final result based on a score established through a customizable scale.
  • Access to specific results of each evaluation and/or global results in real time.
  • Hide or show the score at the end of the exam. You can also display the correct option for each question and/or its score.

How to create an online exam?

Log in with your account and click on "New Survey" "Start from scratch".

In the "Exam" tab, select "Activate exam mode." and click "Save".

Activate exam mode.

Include the questions as if you were creating a survey. You can include questions with a single or multiple correct answers.

Once the question is created, enter in "Edit" a question to mark the correct or incorrect score depending on the value you want to give to each answer option. The values can be positive or negative.

You can mark each answer option as correct or incorrect depending on the value you assign to it.
Set the different finishing options.
    • Show answers.
      • Show the value (possible score) for each question and answer options.
      • Show hits and misses.
    • Show score and final result

Set time limit and/or date and time of availability.

Set time limit

We recommend that you include an introduction at the beginning of the questionnaire to give directions for answering the test. You can also include "Descriptive text only" among the questions in your exam in case you need to give specific instructions on a question.